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Product design

Electronic & Plastic Product Design Customized.


Prototypes Assembly (Electronic & Plastic included).


Design of automatic and semi-automatic test equipment for electronic products (LabVIEW, CVI, Test Stand, Python, C ++, with software programming included).

AOI systems for optical inspection of electronic assemblies, plastic and / or metallic parts.


Manufacture of automatic assembly stations, through robotic technology.

“Stand Alone” or multi-assembly concept for personalized use.



Project Management.

Mold design 2D & 3D.

Mould Flow analysis.

Molds Types:

  • Hot runner
  • Cold runner
  • Multi-cavity
  • Over-molding
  • Bi injection (2K)
  • Prototype moulds

Assembly machines

Process automation design and support for industries that need mechanical, electronic, electrical and / or pneumatic design.

Our products are oriented to the optimization of processes for the industry in general, especially when it is necessary to take care of or replace labor by high precision applications or process automation.

Product Design

Customized electronic applications design for general industry

Customized CAD 3D & 2D plastic design

CNC metal parts design for manufacturing, laser cutting, wire EDM and penetration, etc.

Custom aluminum extrusion design

Electronic & plastic prototypes manufacturing




• Aluminum extrusion design
• Mechanical complex design
• Plastic injection molded (120 Ton + 210 Ton)
• Assembly Machine Design architecture
• PCB design 1,2,4 Layers

• Product Electronic design (Power, Lighting, Control, Automotive)
• Electronic/Mechatronic Machine Design Architecture
• Customized Tester/EOL/Standalone for Electronic Module
• Assembly Machine Design architecture

• Embedded Programming Electronic design
(Power, Lighting, Control, Automotive)
• PLC, LAB VIEW Programming Mechatronic Assembly Machine(Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer)
• AOI programming for Application Customized (Optical Sensor, Camera, etc.)
• Software Verification (CheckSum, Traceability, etc.)
• Register Data Collection

Smart Assembly: Architectural design for best efficiency in high volume products

  • Custom turntables
  • Robots (Grippers standard or customized included)
  • Conveyors & Guide(Pallets)standard or customized
  • Simple or multiple stations for complete assemblies through PLCs.
  • Traceability system supported for automotive projects
  • Camera inspection and sensor integrated according customer specification

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